Most women have an innate sense of fore comings. We just don’t use it. Recently, I had a feeling in my gut about a rental house. I kept driving pass the home several times weekly. I even had a dream of me standing in the house on the television talking to someone about the house being empty. I also began to have talks with my husband about downsizing. Several days passed and I received a notice from the tenant that they had moved out. They moved out without telling anyone, like a thief in the night. Anyway, I entered the house and found it to be dirty and it had hardwood floor damage. Of course, I cried because I loved that house being that it was my first home that I purchased on my own. Aftr talking with hubby, we decided to downsize and move into the home, after renovations, of course! After several days, I noticed that the tight gut feeling that I had was gone. I felt like a weight had been taken off me. I am sooo looking forward to moving in. Tomorrow starts with the contractor gutting out the house. Women, be still and listen to your intuition. It will never fail you.